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Frontline Project Management
Frontline Project management training course

Web-based certification training on frontline project management for project teams, emphasizing on project managers, project leads, estimators, and sales executives.

This course consists of a 4 hour self-study and 6 two-hour instructor-led sessions.

Self-Study Prerequisite (4 hours):

  • Estimating Exercise

  • Financials Statements Fundamentalse

  • Project Management Fundamentals

  • IP Applications Overview


Module 1: The Project Lifecycle [Part 1]

   Defining Phase

  • Review the Contract Documents

  • Validate the project Block Diagram and Scope

  • Understand the Contract Terms (Payment Terms, etc.)

  • Conduct Project Kick-off Meeting(s)

   Planning Phase

  • Prepare a Preliminary Milestones Schedule

  • Develop the detailed Project WBS

  • Define the Critical Path Method (CPM)

  • Conduct the Project Cost Re-Estimate

  • Plan and schedule the Project Resources


Module 2: The Project Lifecycle [Part 2]

     Implementation Phase

  • Control the Project Tasks Duration and Tasks

  • Project Documentation and Communication

  • Resources Procurement and Acquisition

  • Field work and Subcontractors Management

  • Project Quality Control and Job Safety

     Closing Phase

  • Customer Training

  • As-builts Documentation

  • Customer Acceptance (COC)

  • Warranty Initiation and Support Plans


Module 3: Project Cost Estimating

  • Review the Self-study Estimating Exercise

  • Bottom-up Estimating Design Steps

  • Sales Proposal Elements

  • Pricing and Negotiating Change Orders


Module 4: The Business Side of Projects

  • Overview of Financial Statements (P&L and BS)

  • Project Costs, and Labor Burden Rates

  • Gross Margins and Markups

  • Project Negative and Positive Slips

  • Project SOV and Cash Flow Management

  • Project Revenue Forecast and retro-Revenue


Module 5: The Contractual Side of Projects

  • Construction Contracts Elements

  • Contracts Methods and Types

  • General and Special Conditions

  • Managing Project Risks

  • Certification Examination


Bonus Module:

  • Project Team Tasks Definition (RACI)

  • Project Manual Content Review 




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