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Business Consulting Programs Overview

We offer Business and Management Consulting Seminars and Workshops for Security and Systems Integrators. These programs will provide you the roadmap to improve your company’s bottom-line and competitiveness.


Our executive workshops are intensive one to three-day programs designed to deliver results. You’ll walk out with a clear perspective on your business, a vision of where to go, and a plan for how to get there.


Our consulting programs have been implemented in many organizations with quantifiable success. These programs were developed by an industry veteran with extensive experience in managing and growing security integration companies. These workshops cover the following:


  • Process Mapping

  • Employees Responsibilities Matrix and Design (RACI)

  • Operations Manual Development and Implementation

Executive Workshop 1
Executive Workshop I (EWI)

This workshop is designed to provide the Management Team the foundation to build an effective professional organization. It covers the basic elements of business planning, team building and effective execution. The workshop has the most comprehensive set of tools every organization needs to succeed.


The workshop covers the following:


  • Review and analysis of the current company financials

  • Perform company valuation baseline

  • Discuss the current organizational chart and key Managers Role

  • Define the company’s goals for next year

  • Provide an overview of strategic planning

  • Present the future organization structure

  • Provide an overview of Operations Manual implementation

  • Review of current Sales Compensation Plan elements

  • Provide guidelines to Managing Individual Performance

Executive Workshop 2/3
Executive Workshops II & III (EWII, EWIII)

These Workshops are designed as follow-up to EWI. They will be conducted quarterly, with the active participation of the Management Team. The content varies from organization to organization depending on the outcome of EWI. During this stage, we become an active partner working hand-in-hand with the Management Team to ensure that continuous improvement is maintained.


The Management Team will define the seminar agenda, which could go along the following tracks:

  • Management Action Plan implementation

  • Employees Responsibility Matrix (RACI)

  • Operations Manual implementation

  • Employees training follow-up

  • Executive Team coaching

  • Sales Compensation plans development

  • Job Costing and WIP reporting implementation

Operations Manual Development

The workshop is designed for the “Executive Team” (President, GM, VP of Operations, Operations Managers, VP Sales, Sales Managers…). It provides a practical guide for adopting and implementing an effective operation methodology to improve your organization’s financial and operational performances.


How Your Organization Benefits


This workshop uses our standard Operations Manual as a reference to develop and implement operational processes that are customized to fit your organization’s culture and makeup. The Operations Manual will play an important role as your organizations road map to success. It provides a systematic approach to implementing “Best Practices” and getting all of your employees actively involved. As an added benefit, The Operations Manual supports the EPC training programs and provides a tool to practice the training objectives. The implementation of a standard Operations Manual will improve your organization’s bottom line and your employees’ satisfaction.


The objectives of this workshop are as follow:

  • Help to explain the Operations Manual function and role in the implementation of a successful Strategic Plan.

  • Determine where your company stands (operationally and financially)

  • Get buy-in from all Managers and key Employees.

  • Provide a detailed explanation of the operations manual content.

  • Devise a practical implementation plan to include timelines and milestones.

Performance Metrics Workshop

This workshop is designed to help you analyze your company's financial and performance data and validate against benchmarks provided in the PSA/EPC Metrics Report. It will help you define your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and identify performance gaps and develop an improvement performance plan.


How We Make a Difference


We will work with you and your management team to analyze your current operations. We will then map out a long-term strategy and develop viable tactical and strategic plans as well as day-to-day operational best practices for improved financial and performance positions.


We have vast experience and knowledge in conducting similar initiatives with successful security integrators that will save you valuable time and resources to:


  • Objectively analyzing your operation metrics and comparing them to industry best practices

  • Consider factors directly affecting your company's financial position, including

  • Applicable metrics for sales, operations and service departments

  • Company organization chart and employee’s headcount and roles definition (RACI)

  • Cursory review of your sales comp plan components, estimating, sales proposal and overall operational procedures

  • Develop a hierarchical list of future action plans, including:

  • Development of operational and best practices manual

  • Improving employee morale and retainage

  • Improving project management practices

  • Improving customer response and satisfaction

  • Development of operations team training and development matrix

  • Succession planning


The Results


This workshop will provide you:

  • Identify performance and talent gaps

  • Define your KPI’s (dashboard reporting)

  • Review and design (if needed) the major “gates” in the project flow cycle (Pre-bid Review, Sales to Ops Turnover, Project Closeout)

  • Improve your Teamwork among various departments

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